Welding is all around us, from the cars we drive to the house we live in. Some welds are simple, others are more complex, and some even require welders to risk their lives.  From deep in the ocean to hundreds of feet in the air, and even in space, you can find some seriously extreme welding.  We put together a list of the 5 craziest and most unbelievable welding jobs.

While you won't find us welding in space or underwater, you can find us working hard on difficult to repair items and custom fabrication at the Lake of the OzarksAugello's Welding and Fabrication is your Lake of the Ozarks welding expert.

1. The Hoover Dam
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The Hoover Dam is one of the most famous construction projects in history. Construction began in 1931 when the Great Depression was in full swing, so thousands of workers flocked to the site with their families and camping in 120-degree heat in hopes of finding employment. The outlet pipes of the dam contain 44,000 tons of steel that were formed and welded into 14,800 feet of pipe.  When the dam was completed in 1936, it was the largest manmade structure in the world and it could not have been built without brave and skilled welders.

2. The Trans-Alaskan Pipeline
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The Trans-Alaskan Pipeline spans 800 miles and was described as a feat that couldn't be done. With the chaos of the 1973 oil crisis, the government needed to figure out how to get oil from the very Northern tip of Alaska down to the Southern tip where it could be transported.  Thousands of welders braved the negative 30-degree temperatures and dangerous terrain to build hundreds of miles of pipeline.  The Alaskan pipeline has withstood multiple traumatic events including one of America's worst earthquakes, proving that welds stand the test of time.

3. The Empire State Building
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During the great depression, thousands of welders were desperately seeking work because no one dared to start a construction project at such an uncertain time.  No one except New York's top businessmen who were locked in a battle to build the world's tallest structure.  The Empire State Building employed thousands of welders who worked through incredibly dangerous conditions and finished tasks at an alarming speed.  The Empire State Building was constructed at an average of 4.5 stories every week, and welders could be seen dangling on the edge of the steel beams hundreds of feet above the ground.  The structure stands at 1,454 feet tall and was finished in only 410 days.

4. Underwater Welding
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Underwater welding is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States with a 15% fatality rate. Underwater welding is often used to repair ships, offshore oil platforms, and pipelines.  For any diver, the risks of decompression sickness, hypothermia, and drowning are very real.  Underwater welders are also in danger of electric shock and possible explosion.  This unique occupation requires specialized training and skill as well as a great deal of courage.

5. Welding in Space
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Space is hostel frontier where dangers exist that are unimaginable to people on earth.  This is why aerospace engineering places such an emphasis on quality construction and safety. When repairs need to be made, many of the process we take for granted, including welding, are heavily complicated by the lack of gravity in space, the small area in the spacecraft, and drastic difference in temperature. A handheld laser torch is the most common form of welding in space because it is compact, efficient, and easier to use than other forms of welding. 

Even though we aren't space welders or underwater welders, we are the welding and custom fabrication experts at the Lake of the Ozarks.  We specialize in hard to repair items and custom builds from tiny razorblades to giant takes and everything in between.  If it's made of metal (and it's on land) we can weld it!  Augello's Welding is your place for all welding and repairs. Contact us today! We are here to help with all of your questions and inquiries.

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