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Need Custom Fabrication?

Custom fabrication is the art of cutting, shaping, and molding metal into a final product.  At Augello's Welding & Fabrication , we can provide design and production assistance to create exactly what you're envisioning.  We are your Lake of the Ozarks welder and place for all things custom. If you can think it, we can build it.  With over 14 years of welding and fabricating experience, we are your one-stop shop for all things metal.  We can work with aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, castings, and more.  Our services include structural steel, ornamental iron, decks, gates, stairs, spiral staircases, fencing, anti-ligature covers, parts manufacturing, and so much more. Custom Water Pump Holder Part of our expertise in custom fabrication at the Lake of the Ozarks includes our professional drafting services.  Do you need something fabricated but would like to see what your product will look like before it is complete?  With our drafting services, we can cre

Images on Steel - Our New and Exciting Art!

You may know Augello's Welding and Fabrication for being the best welder at the Lake of the Ozarks , but did you know Bob Augello is also an artist?  His newest endeavor, Images on Stee l, is a collection of stunning works of art carved into raw steel.  These are one of a kind, handcrafted images that are carved into steel. Steel carvings are a new and exciting art form. Detailed and soulful images are carved into a piece of raw steel to create a stunning piece of art. The area that has been carved becomes highly reflective. This is a stark contrast to the surrounding dark and dull surface of the steel. The 2 different polarities create a binary effect of light versus dark. The image not only reacts with the surrounding surface but also with the light in the room. This gives the carving depth and the appearance of motion. Not only does the light create a 3rd dimension to the carving, but the reflective areas seem to change as you move about the carving. The light bou

Customer Testimonials

At Augello's Welding and Fabrication , we love our customers and they love us!  We take pride in our work and guarantee 100% satisfaction.  Augello's Welding is your Lake of the Ozarks welder and the place to go for all welding and repairs.  Because we specialize in hard to repair items, our customers are grateful for our expertise and professionalism.  Here are some things they had to say about us. "These guys do high-quality, great work. We had them create and install a railing for the interior of our home. It turned out great! Attention to detail and careful installation is rare around here but they've got it. Also were very good to keep cost low and work with us to stay within budget. They are super easy to work with. Very nice people. Enjoyed visiting the welding shop to see the railing being created. Turned out just like we wanted and better than I imagined! So glad to be able to give such nice people 5 stars. Thanks, Augello's!!"                

12 Benefits of Welding

One of the most controversial debates in structural engineering is the bolted joint versus the welded joint.  Welding is the practice of joining two pieces of material by heating the surfaces to their melting point and hammering and pressing them together so that the two pieces become one. Augello's Welding and Fabrication is your expert in welding and custom fabrication at the Lake of the Ozarks .  Obviously, we are little biased toward the welded joint.  Here's why. 1. Welding creates a permanent joint.  Heating up the material to its melting point actually causes the atoms in the metal to join.  This chemical joining causes the two separate pieces to permanently become one and the structure will, therefore, act as one piece. 2. Welded joints are stronger.  Because welding chemically joins the atoms in the materials being joined, the welded joint has the strength of the parent metal itself. Other forms of joining can result in joints that are structurally weaker than