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Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to the new Augello’s Welding and Fabrication blog !  Every week we will keep you up to date on everything happening in our business, some of our coolest custom projects, and some information on welding basics.  This blog is the place to go for all things welding and fabrication at the Lake of the Ozarks .  But first, we’d like to introduce ourselves. What is Welding? Welding is the process of joining together metal pieces or parts by my melting them together.  This process is achieved by heating the metals with a blowtorch, electric arc, or other tools and joining the pieces together by pressing or hammering them.  Welding is the most efficient way to join metals permanently, and it is the only way to join metals to make them act as a single piece.  Welding is a very important part of our economy as it is a major process in any type of manufacturing.  Compared to other industrial processes, welding requires much more science and many more variables, so it is crucial to en