How Welding Affects YOUR Everyday Life

Welding is the process of joining two or more pieces of metal or other materials so that they act as a single piece.  It is a key industry in the US economy and an important part of most manufacturing and fabrication projects.  While welding is obviously a huge part of our life at Augello's Welding and Fabrication, it actually affects your everyday life, too.  Welding is an essential practice in over 50% of all American made products.  From motor vehicles to infrastructure, welding is all around you.

Think about all of the welded products you encounter in one day...

You wake up dry and comfortable because you are inside your perfectly constructed home that could not have been built without welding.  Your home is sturdy and built to last because of the strength of the welded joints used in its construction.  You're cool despite the heat outside because of your HVAC system, which also contains welded parts.  The phone you pick up from your nightstand is full of a bunch of tiny welded parts, as are the other electronics you use on a daily basis.

You head into the kitchen to make breakfast.  Virtually all of the appliances in your kitchen, including your stove, oven, refrigerator, and toaster, all contain welded parts.  Everything in your fridge wouldn't even be there without welding, because the food you buy gets shipped to the grocery store on trains, planes, trucks, and ships that are all manufactured using welding processes.  You go to the sink, and with a simple turn of a handle, water comes gushing out of the faucet.  This could not happen without the watertight seal of welding.

It's time for work so you hop in your car that was built with over 4,000 separate welds.  On your way to work, the streets you drive on are made to be safe and functional because of the welded sewers, manhole covers, pipelines, and utility systems that run underneath.  The bridges, highways, and streetlights that allow you to get where you need to go are all made possible because of welding.

Your office building was constructed using welding and fabrication.  Welding creates sturdy, permanent joints that are lightweight, making it the perfect method for constructing a highrise building. Or perhaps, you do not work in an office building but instead, you are a farmer.  Most of the farm equipment you use, especially that used in industrial farming, was constructed using welding.  Welding is used in some capacity in virtually every industry, including healthcare, electronics, automobile, aerospace, military, construction, engineering, and even art.  Some of the best-known pieces of infrastructure in the country including the Empire State Building, the Hoover Dam, and the Golden Gate Bridge would not have been possible without welding.

Whether you realize it or not, welding is all around you every day.  From the car, you drive to the exercise equipment you use, or the grill you use to cook your burgers, life as we know it would not be the same without welding.

At Augellos Welding and Fabrication, welding plays a more obvious role in our everyday lives.  With over 15 years of welding experience, Bob Augello is the welding expert at the Lake of the Ozarks.  He specializes in hard to repair items and custom fabrication at the Lake of the Ozarks.  If it's made of metal, he can fix it or fabricate it, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We are here to help with all of your questions and inquiries.  We would love to hear your comments and feedback, and we look forward to helping you in any way we can.  Contact us or visit our website if you have a project that needs welding or custom fabrication in central Missouri.

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